Traffic Inspector

Traffic Inspector is an all-in-one Windows-based software solution for network security, web access control and traffic analysis. Traffic Inspector gives you a plethora of tools needed to protect your network, including a secure firewall, a spam filter, Traffic Inspector Anti-Virus powered by Kaspersky and anti-phishing protection. Traffic Inspector lets you control all the traffic that enters and leaves your LAN with web access rules, web content filtering and traffic shaping. Even more, you get policy-based routing and the ability to failover to a new connection if you need to! Last but not least, extensive traffic monitoring and reporting facilities supported by our product will help you control Internet traffic consumption and keep close tabs on what your users are doing online.

As a standalone product, Traffic Inspector is the ultimate application for all your network security and access control needs.

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A Windows-based solution for small and medium businesses

  • B2B security solution
  • Complex networks management
  • Highly flexible configuration
  • Seamless integration with Active Directory

Trusted protection against viruses, hacker attacks and zero-day threats

  • Protects approximately 3 million users all over the world
  • Up to 600 Mbps throughput with real-world traffic mix (IMIX)
  • All-in-one security solution for protection against Internet threats

Protect your business and boost productivity

  • Save your money - Traffic Inspector is a Windows-based application meaning there is no need to pay for the expensive re-training of your personnel.
  • Save your time and effort – Traffic Inspector is all-in-one solution for all your network security and access control needs.
  • Boost your business productivity – Traffic Inspector allows you to crack down on cyber-slaking in the workplace.
  • Protect your business from data leakage and illegal Internet downloads

Network Security

Traffic Inspector incorporates all the components that you need to protect your network. The program features a secure stateful firewall that prevents unauthorized access from the Internet. Thanks to Traffic Inspector Anti-Virus powered by Kaspersky, Traffic Inspector can scan web and email traffic and disinfect malware and viruses on the fly. The integrated SMTP Gateway is designed to serve as a front-end to a corporate mail server and filters out spam and unwanted email. Last but not least, the Phishing Blocker plugin protects users from phishing attacks by blocking web sites with a bad reputation.

Flexible User Management

Traffic Inspector is an identity-based gateway solution. Users are forced to authenticate with the gateway before being granted network access. Various authentication options are available: BASIC / NTLM authentication, IP/MAC/VLAN ID-based authentication and TI agent-based authentication. Automatic Import allows importing users from Active Directory. Logon hours, authentication methods, web access policies, bandwidth limits, billing plans, etc. are conveniently configured on a per-user or per-group basis.

Web Access Control

Traffic Inspector enables you to create effective Web Access policies for your users and block unwanted web sites and web content. The program supports URL categorization, regexp-based URL filtering and various forms of content filtering.

Advanced Routing

Traffic Inspector allows you to share a single Internet connection among multiple computers, control traffic flows with a bandwidth limiter / traffic prioritization, use policy-based routing for advanced routing decisions, automatically fail over to a backup Internet connection and more.

Reports and Notifications

Traffic Inspector features extensive traffic analysis and reporting capabilities. Detailed information about Internet usage and traffic consumption can be viewed in the form of flexible and easy-to-understand reports. Informative User Activity Dashboard allows you to dig into the deep and understand what is going on inside your network in real-time. Wherever you are, customizable email notifications will always keep you informed of what is going on in your network.

All-in-one solution

Traffic Inspector is a Windows-based UTM software solution. You do not need to be a networking expert – Traffic Inspector is easy to install and administer. You only deploy a single application for all your security needs saving time, money and effort.

Feature Details
User Interface Microsoft Management Console snap-in
IP version IPv4
Network support IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet), 802.11 (Wi-Fi), PPP, VPN (PPTP, L2TP), IEEE 802.1Q (tag-based VLAN)
Network Address Translation RRAS NAT (Windows), ICS NAT (Windows)
Network driver throughput 600 Mbps throughput with real-world traffic mix (IMIX)
Policy objects user, user group
# of users supported Up to 1000 users via Web Proxy, up to 3000 in gateway mode
User authentication BASIC / NTLM authentication, IP/MAC/VLAN ID-based authentication, TI agent-based authentication
Firewall stateful firewall, configured via traffic rules
Proxy servers HTTP, SOCKS
HTTP proxy HTTP/1.1, FTP over HTTP, forwarding of SSL connections (HTTP CONNECT method), transparent proxy, configurable caching modes, content filtering, URL filtering, Proxy Auto-Config support.
SMTP server accounting and filtering of incoming SMTP traffic
Advanced routing capabilities Connection failover, Policy-based routing (routing decisions based on network protocol, egress interface, schedule, etc.), traffic limiting and prioritization
Microsoft Active Directory integration Traffic Inspector supports importing users from Active Directory
DBMS support Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Integrated Web Server ASP.NET application; HTTP/1.1, HTTP keep-alive, resume download, cache tagging; Supported SSL protocols: TLS (SSL 3.1), SSL 3.0, SSL 2.0. SSL 1.0.
Secure Internet Communications (SIC) SSL certificate-based secure communications between User Agent and gateway, web browser and Web Portal
Accounting and reports Traffic accounting via traffic counters, reports (Traffic by Users, Hourly and Daily Traffic, Bandwidth Usage, Network Statistics, User Activity, Malware Inspection, Web Proxy Stats ), Administrators Log, email notifications
System Requirements
CPU Intel® Core™ 2 processor family
RAM 2048 MB
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/2008 R2 or higher (x86 or x64)
HDD space 1000 MB + additional space for cache and databases files
Recommended resolution 1024x768
Internet connection Required for program activation

Traffic Inspector Installation

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Traffic Inspector Activation

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Traffic Inspector Initial Setup

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